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Frontline Fightback is a brand-new series looking at how the very latest technology, combined with some clever police work, is helping in the battle against the crimes that blight our communities.
Burglary, car thefts, drug dealing, anti-social behaviour, knife crime, muggings – these are the crimes that affect us all.  This thought-provoking series features harrowing accounts from the victims of crimes like these and shows how crime-fighting technology – from satellite tracking devices to weapon-detecting scanners to smart home security systems - is increasingly being used in the fightback against those responsible.  As technology continues to change and develop in all sorts of exciting ways, life looks like it's getting more difficult for criminals.


Professor Alice Roberts joins Professor Mike Parker Pearson on a decade-long historical quest to discover the origins of Stonehenge, as cutting edge research reveals the iconic monument's oldest secret.

As the UK faces its biggest challenge since the Second World War, Sophie Raworth looks at how the nation has responded to adversity in the past and in the present.  Using a combination of wartime archive and contemporary news footage, each episode looks at the impact of COVID-19 on families, communities and businesses and compares how the nation has responded to crisis now and then.



DEFENDERS UK  (BBC 1 – 45 x 45’)
This series showcases the work of our DEFENDERS - a range of National and Local agencies whose primary objective is to keep us safe from the unscrupulous traders, cheats, scammers and con men who put us all at risk. Defenders UK uses a mixture of original actuality and human stories featuring members of the public whose lives have been made safer, thanks to the work of our Defenders.
At its heart, the series follows the work of Trading Standards, Food Hygiene Inspectors, the Environment Agency, the Health & Safety Executive, the DVSA and other National and Local Council Enforcement Agencies as they struggle to keep our cities and towns safe. 




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